On top of the Partner Executive Forum we will be also hosting 3 Roundtables for CEMA; Distributors and Industry Soultions which will be held during the three days. Selected contacts from the Partner Executive Forum will be invited to attend in later mailings.

CEMA* Roundtable



While you are at the Partner Executive Forum, we would be delighted to have you attending our CEMA Roundtable on Monday, June 6th from 2:00pm to 3:45pm

The purpose of this roundtable is to have an open and consultative dialogue with partners from the CEMA region around NetApp strategy and how to grow our joint business in FY17


*CEMA: Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Emerging Overlay



Distributor Council



The purpose of this roundtable is to have an open and consultative dialogue with you around NetApp’s Distribution strategy, how this aligns to our Global priorities and how we can work together, using your value services, to grow our joint business in FY17.

Industry Solutions Roundtable



As NetApp recognise the important changing market trends and ways that customers are starting to consume IT services, we have formed our first Industry Solutions Roundtable to update our partners about what NetApp in EMEA is doing in this space and to solicit their valued feedback and input to addressing market requirements as best we possibly can.  In this first forum NetApp will be looking at 3 key industry sectors covering Healthcare, Automotive and Banking & Financial Services. The game plan for the roundtable is to brief our partners on the major themes and drivers we see for these industries, the solutions that NetApp are taking to market in order to offer our customers an optimised delivery platform and how we see the delivery potential of various workloads through our IT Service Partners.  It is NetApp’s intention, as always to capture those new opportunities with partners and to understand how the vertical & solution expertise is best combined for maximum customer adoption.